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Bioscience Institute was established in 2006 in the Republic of San Marino under a license granted from the Ministry of Health of San Marino for cord blood-derived hematopoietic stem cells cryopreservation and manipulation.

Built as a cell factory and taking advantage of the latest technological solutions at the time available on the market, Bioscience Group soon became a center of excellence without equal in terms of quality and safety.

Since then, the company has been widening its scope of services. Starting from the cord blood cryopreservation techniques, it developed – and is continuing to develop – procedures and protocols that use human stem cells for several clinical application. It entered the field of genomics too, offering services ranging from non-invasive prenatal testing to cancer cell DNA sequencing, and building two new centers of genomics located in Italy.

Bioscience Institute’s services are unique in the world, offering the most advanced personalized autologous cell therapies and genetic profiling. Premium services in Regenerative Medicine include cryopreservation and stem cell expansion for personalized anti-aging treatments, aesthetic plastic surgery, hair regeneration, and wound care.

Bioscience Institute, Genomics and Clinic

Nowadays, Bioscience Institute’s world’s leading genomics and regenerative medicine centers are based in Europe (Rome, Milan, and San Marino) and Middle East (Dubai, UAE). It owns 100% of the laboratories located in San Marino, and it is the majority shareholder of Bioscience Genomics Srl – an academic spin-off partially owned by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” with 3 genomics platforms in Rome, Milan and San Marino – and of Bioscience Clinic Middle East FZ-IIC in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), which is partially owned by an UAE investor.Bioscience Clinic Middle East was established in 2014. It is the first regenerative medicine clinic in the Middle East offering the most advanced personalized autologous cell therapies. The development of Dubai laboratories took advantage from the 7 years’ experience of previously established european laboratories, which are considered among the most advanced in the world. They are licensed ad inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and DHCC, who inspected european Bioscience Institute’s laboratories too.


We offer the most advanced personalized expanded adipose-derived stem cell therapies