Our Mission

Promoting health and wellbeing

“Invasive surgery and chemistry are not the only scientific tools to protect and promote health and wellbeing.”

Invasive surgery and chemistry are not the only scientific tools to protect and promote health and wellbeing. They can be at least in part replaced by biology and genomics approaches: autologous stem cells are already used by clinicians as therapeutic and corrective agents, and biology has been taking some first slices of the market away from chemistry.

Bioscience Institute’s mission is deeply rooted in this vision. Daily meta-disciplinary research allowed the development of a large knowledge on the translation of scientific results to different specific healthcare fields. This model overtakes the harmful closed attitude towards meta-disciplinarity sometimes reducing research groups’ perspectives.

Bioscience Institute’s focus on new knowledge allows it to create and develop innovative platforms by which it provides adipose-derived stem cells therapies, and puts Bioscience Group in an advantageous competitive position as a leader in this field.

Our Values

Bioscience Institute’s field of interest is marked by clear international laws and guidelines ranging from very strict to very tolerant ones. This framework transfers control responsibility on the company, which acts as a guarantor of the respect of ethical principles, even when not imposed by law.

In this context, Bioscience Institute puts ethic and knowledge at the heart of its activities. Its business model is based on the continuous monitoring of quality control standards in its laboratories, which adhere to the most rigorous parameters in terms of both sterility and equipment.


We offer the most advanced personalized expanded adipose-derived stem cell therapies